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Maritime Rescue Services

Maritime Rescue Services

Technical Rescue in Wales

Technical Rescue in Wales

Specialist and Technical Rescue Services

Red Kite can provide specialist advice, assist with H&S policy, RAMS documents and SSoW (Safe Systems of Work) writing on Specialist fields such as Confined Space, Safe Work at Height, Rope and Water Rescue as well as Medicine in Remote Areas and Casualty Recovery from Remote Areas. We have over 20 years’ experience in these fields and can bring this knowledge to your company.

We can advise on specialist skills such as:

We can also provide specialist workforce protection or safety as part of your emergency planning requirements in the form of a fully trained and equipped rescue team on your project site. This team are trained in various forms of specialist and technical rescue that could potentially be required.

What is Technical Rescue?

Technical Rescue refers to those aspects of saving life that employ the use of skills and tools that exceed those normally reserved for ‘normal’ medical emergencies and rescue and involve extraordinary or potentially highly dangerous rescue situations.

These situations could encompass remote medicine; rope or line rescue; confined space rescue; water rescue; hazardous materials/SCBA rescue; maritime rescue and bariatric medicine or any combination of the above.

Our rescue incident response 4x4 vehicles carry a large range of specialist rescue and medical equipment. This enables us to maintain a high level of support for our clients even in challenging situations.

The company Specialist Rescue Unit can also assist in the provision of advanced medical care in the rescue environment, whether at height, at depth or in entrapment in the most dangerous situations, ensuring that response times are reduced giving better chances of survival for the casualties.

Our main specialist rescue services are:

We only deploy operationally competent operatives and pride ourselves on our professional highly trained and monitored ambulance crews and rescue technicians.

Our staff come to us from a wide range of backgrounds including: emergency services, military units and industry training and are qualified and experienced in the wide variety of fields including water safety and rescue, rope access, rope rescue, confined space, commercial and leisure diving, power boating as well as medical services such as the voluntary agencies and the NHS.

We have a robust practical, rescue and clinical governance system that adheres to national standards as part of our quality assurance measures, all staff have a personal training and experience portfolio that is assessed annually and all our staff work to recognised national protocols laid down by the Health and Care Professions Council.