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Specialist Rescue Unit (SRU)

Providing Medical and Rescue Services to Industry sectors to ensure safety and H&S compliance is paramount.

We can provide specialist rescue technicians and medical staff to both industry and leisure for times where the casualty location could mean the difference between life and death.

Or as part of your risk assessed requirements as part of your emergency planning such as those required under regulation 4 of the Safe Work at Height Regulations and similar regulations for water safety and confined space working. Our rescue units work in teams of two or up to six with a supervisor as required under your risk assessments and requirements. They come with fully equipped all terrain vehicles and ambulances as required for your levels of cover.

Our Company Rescue Operatives and Technicians

Our specialist Rescue Operatives and Technicians have been used by various companies and organisations over recent years to provide specialist safety, medical and rescue capabilities wherever they’re needed. Be that providing remote care, working in confined spaces, at height or near and over water.

Over the past few years our specialist units have become more and more in demand for technical safety and rescue duties.

We select the majority of our Rescue Technicians from various emergency services including Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Service, Coastguard, Search and Rescue and Armed Forces. Incorporating their vast experience gained in these fields with our continuous professional development programme means we can ensure we have a Rescue Technician to suit the needs and demands of our clients.

We have provided specialist medical and rescue cover and emergency planning for international competitions in Orienteering events. These events, due to location can be potentially high-risk activities.

All of our company Rescue Operatives and Technicians come with all the necessary qualifications to provide you a hassle free, highly competent and effective working rescue solution.

More recently we have started to develop our unit within the telecommunications sectors in South and West Wales offering specialist rescue safety cover during construction, operation and management, whether it is essential maintenance in and around the mast, using our teams within a confined space or rope/line rescue role or supplying units to provide safety and rescue cover.

What is 'remote'?

The definition of remote within the United Kingdom is a location that is further than 30 minutes easy walk from a road. From this definition it can be seen there are lots of areas that could be defined as such.

With the strain on emergency service resources you need to be looking at your own professional cover. We have fully equipped all terrain vehicles and staff trained in rope and water rescue, prolonged medical care and evacuation from remote terrain.

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