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Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA)

What is MIRA?

MIRA started out as a specific course for those working on expeditions away from 'definitive care'. The BMJ state that 'remote just means a situation where there is no immediate access to adequate medical facilities, either by direct communication or access in terms of distance or time...' As mentioned on our mountain and remote area medical and rescue page, there are parts of the United Kingdom which can definitely be classified as 'remote from definitive care.'

While we do not offer the MIRA course and are in no way affiliated to the main provider the term has become common use for anything away from civilisation or access to 'normal' medical and rescue services.

Our Background

Red Kite SAR was set up by a time served former Mountain Rescue Team Member and Casualty Carer who went on to study and qualify as an Associate Ambulance Practitioner with the Open University and spent years as an operational Coastguard Rescue Officer. Our staff are selected from the UK rescue services, the UK Military and the NHS Ambulance Service. All who work on these jobs have experience in wilderness and remote medical care in addition to their standard medical and technical qualifications.

How We Can Help

Our Specialist Rescue Unit staff can assist with provision of medical cover for utilities, the renewable energy sector and film and TV productions in remote places around the United Kingdom. In addition, we can provide site surveys, risk assessments, emergency plans, incident management as well as exercise planning as necessary for your work.

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