Independent Ambulance and Event Medical Companies Support Services  /

We can provide various support services to Independent Ambulance Companies as well as those operating in the Event Medical and First Aid Fields. Let us help you with the areas of documentation and paperwork to ensure you have a smooth running business. 

Our Background:

Our managing director worked for fifteen years in both independent ambulance services and event medicine. He is a qualified Emergency Medical Technician (Associate Ambulance Practitioner - Cert HE) and has spent many hours planning and managing medical teams on large events as well as undertaking patient transfers from hospitals and repatriation work across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our team of staff include managers and experienced operatives from fire and rescue, search and rescue as well as NHS and Independent ambulance services and we use their wealth of knowledge to ensure your documentation is as up to date and tailored to your business as it can be.

Our Services:

We are able to provide the following services to companies:

Event Emergency Planning - With a team of advisors with years of pre-hospital medicine and medical services experience along with over twenty years as search and rescue team volunteers and officers in charge we bring this knowledge to our customers to help with event emergency medical and rescue planning.

Our emergency planning department can help provide a tailored solution for emergency planning working along set guidelines such as those set out in the Event Safety Guide, by the local Safety and Advisory Groups or as detailed in event insurance or governing bodies. We have worked alongside Safety and Advisory Groups (SAG's) for years while preparing proposals and plans for emergency planning for national and regional cycling events, rugby and soccer tournaments and many International orienteering festivals in recent years.

Health and Safety Standard Policies and Risk Assessments - Working with your own management team we can advise on the drafting of general health and safety policies as well as providing specialist protocols and documents covering all aspects of independent ambulance service operation.

We can also provide guidance on site risk assessments, audits for first aid equipment and training and other specialist area of work. Using our skills and knowledge of medical incidents and rescue, we have the experience to talk about what could go wrong before it happens and then work with you in the steps needed to ensure your business is H&S compliant and safe.

Independent Ambulance Service Policies - We can provide advice and guidance on the writing of your own operational policies and procedures in addition to your ‘standard’ health and safety policy. These policies and protocols can cover:

  • Lone Working
  • Driving
  • Medical Devices
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Specialist Action Protocols
  • Decision Making
  • Multi Location Events

As well as any others you may require for a smooth running operation.

Incident Support Services - Our Incident Response Officers can work at your events or other duties to help with the general coordination before an incident takes place as well as being the point of call for incident management during the shift taking the pressure of your staff and your company. All our Incident Response Officers have been trained in Major Incident Management and emergency planning and communications and were initially trained in medical care and/or technical rescue.

Specialist Training - We can provide your staff with awareness training to ensure their safety in more dangerous locations. All our courses are designed to comply with British Standards and Regulations and take place at your office or another suitable venue.

We currently can offer courses in:

  • Safe Work at Height Awareness
  • Basic Water Safety and Rescue Techniques
  • Basic Search Coordination Techniques
  • Basic OS Navigation Techniques
  • Basic Wilderness/Remote Rescue Awareness 

These courses are being added to as necessary based on what our customers require. Contact Us for a brochure on all our available courses.

Commercial Rescue and Medical Team - Our Commercial Specialist Rescue Unit or MIRT (Medical Incident Response Team) staff are also able to provide specialist support to event medical providers and independent ambulance companies.

They normally work from an all wheel drive (or 4x4) response unit carrying all their medical equipment and any specialist rescue equipment and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that they may need for the duty.

  • Trained and Qualified Staff.
  • Specialist Rescue Technicians Available for cover or advice.
  • Fully Equipped Covert or Overt Response Vehicles and 4x4’s.
  • Friendly, uniformed staff members.
  • All our safety, medical and rescue services are charged at a ‘transparent’ hourly rate system. The price quoted is the price you pay.

Contact Us for a brochure on our SRU and MIRT Team Services.